Priyanka Chopra Injured While Shooting

Priyanka Chopra

It is not uncommon for actors to get injured while shooting for action sequences. A slight niggle, a bruised knee, a deep cut or two are all a part and parcel of the filmmaking process. Here’s one such instance involving Priyanka Chopra.

Earlier, Priyanka shared a snap of herself with blood stains on her face. She asked her followers to identify which injury is real and which one isn’t.

When a follower said the injury on her cheek is real and the one on her forehead isn’t, Priyanka swiftly replied, saying he’s wrong.

The actress then shared a close up snap of her face. In the photo, we can see that Priyanka has sustained a deep cut in her eyebrow. But unfazed by the injury, Priyanka continued shooting for the series.

This injury happened while Priyanka was shooting for her maiden web series, Citadel. The series is directed by Russo Brothers who had previously helmed Avengers End Game. A small portion of the series will be shot in India as well.