Rumour: Star Hero & Director’s Argument

He is a star hero and he is a few-movies-old director. Both have teamed up. During the filming only, the hero is not satisfied with the director’s work. Since he is a director’s actor, he had let it go and did not involve in the director’s job.

Before the film’s release, the team has arranged for the screening of the film. After watching the final copy, the star hero was upset with the director’s work. The star hero who is known for his outspokenness and blunt nature has opined that some portions of the film were bad. This hasn’t gone down well with the director who was very confident about his work and how the film would be received by the audiences.

After the hero left, the director told others that the hero was wrong and it would be proved soon. This talk has reached the star hero in no time.

The star hero called upon the director and took a big class. He even asked him to stay within his limits. After the film’s release, the hero’s judgement is proved to be right as the film bagged mixed reviews and talk. With this result, the director has remained silent.

Cinema is a creative work. It’s a team effort where actors and technicians come together to make a product. One has to take the opinions of others for betterment.