Transgender Community Thanks Sekhar Kammula

Some celebrities wish, the spotlight and attention are turned at them whenever they do charity, but someone like Sekhar Kammula does everything without public knowledge. And we wouldn’t come to know about their good deeds until the recipients of the help open up.

Recently with Covid-19 pandemic enforced lockdown, many have lost their livelihoods including that of some transgenders. It is coming out that Sekhar Kammula has identified people from the trans community who have lost their livelihood and helped them with basic needs and groceries.

Taking to Twitter, one transwoman Rachana Mudraboyina has thanked the director for his timely help, and expressed that more of Tollywood will help her community. “Once again Sekhar sir, you proved how happy it is to serve the needy and poor. Thank you for standing with the Transgender community of Hyderabad in these dry days of lockdown in their hard survival with no work and no money. Expecting more such humanity from Tollywood”, she wrote on Twitter.

Well, that’s how charity is done and Sekhar stands as a big example now.