Pic Talk: Raai Laxmi Is Dreaming Wildly

It’s been a while since Raai Laxmi appeared in Telugu films. The most recent film of her is Legend in Tamil for a special number. Her films apart, Raai Laxmi always scores a blockbuster with her pictures on Instagram. Here is a smashing picture of her.

Raai Laxmi posed in a red bikini while getting kissed by the sun at a beach destination, the Maldives. The shapely beauty in a bikini with turquoise waters in the background is looking super spectacular. She captioned it with, ‘Wildly dreaming ! ♥️’

It looks like Raai Laxmi is on vacation to the Maldives and we have to see if she will show us more such lovely pictures soon.

Raai Laxmi will be seen in Anandha Bhairavi and Gangster 2.