Secret Behind Samantha’s New Glow!

During the whole of tight lockdown, queen bee Samantha never made any post on the social media. But after the rules are relaxed, she’s quick to jump into urban farming and since then she’s keeping her timelines engaged. Guess what, those who have seen Samantha after a couple of months hiatus, felt that she has put on a bit of weight.

As Samantha appeared quite chubby then, everyone understood that she’s not doing workouts like earlier. She used to hit the gym regularly and pump lots of iron to stay fit and in shape. But now, after a couple of months, Samantha is appearing tender and quite slim in the latest appearances. Definitely the ‘wow factor’ in her looks is back, so many are surprised again as they are unable to turn their attention away from the hottie.

Few insiders revealed that actually Samantha is relying on ‘green dinner’ these days to cut lots of calories and lose weight. She is said to be eating only grilled broccoli and steamed spinach. Also, there is a buzz that she is doing intermittent fasting by taking this dinner at 7.30 and eating her next meal only next day at 9’O clock.

Whether it is this dinner secret or any other thing, Samantha is once again glowing back with her spicy looks.

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