When Balayya Tried A Bit Of Telangana Slang

Whenever Nandamuri Balakrishna is giving a speech, surely his rhetorics, insights and wonderful Telugu slogans mesmerise the listeners. Balayya is also known for his dialogue delivery and his lovely command over the Telugu vocabulary though he fumbles sometimes during live speeches. And other day he tried something new, though he did long back

Attending the trailer launch event of ‘Dhamki’ movie, Balayya bought out the best humorous version of himself again. It is already known that he has showered praises on Vishwaksen for his passion towards cinema. But what caught the attention of movie lovers, later on, is that Balayya tried to induce a bit of Telangana slang into his speech. With Vishwak hailing from Hyderabad and popular for that Telangana lingo, even Balayya poured the same in his speech.

Whether Balayya speaks pure Telugu or garnishes it with a dose of Telangana or gives that touch of Rayalaseema when he speaks in Hindpur, he is always loved for the flow of speeches. And this time, his Telangana slang is making him closer to his fans in the Nizam as that is an unexpected one from him.