Same Story, Two Films?: RT’s Dhamaka & Vishwak’s Dhamki

Other day, finally the much awaited trailer of Mass Raja Raviteja’s latest movie “Dhamaka” got released. Going by trailer, one could easily notice that the trailer has umpteen similarities with Vishwaksen’s “Dhamki” whose trailer was released couple of weeks ago. One wonders how could this have happened, including the closeness of titles, but here’s an interesting find. 

Apparently in Dhamki movie, Vishwaksen appears in a dual role, one that of a rich guy and another one that of a simple below-middle-class guy. While the rich guy is an arrogant one, the other guy looks like an innocent one. Here in Dhamaka movie, Raviteja also appears as a rich and poor guy, but here both appear like firecrackers. Surprisingly both these films have stories written by writer Prasanna Kumar Bezawada only, and that comes as a huge shocker for those who noticed. 

Albeit with some small changes, it looks like both Dhamki and Dhamaka are pretty much the same including the characterisation and the main story arc. One wonders if the writer has written two versions of the same idea and sold each one of them to a different director, producer and hero. Of course, in the end, the teams of these movies might say that except for the double-role thing, the rest is quite different, but for onlookers, it is not appearing that way. 

While Dhamaka, directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina is set for Dec 23 release, Vishwak Sen’s self-directorial Dhamki is set for March 2023 release. Isn’t this reminding us of the Pataas and Temper story clash?