If Vijay Is Bigger Than Ajith, What About Chiru-Balayya?

Other day in an interview ace producer Dil Raju commented that superstar Vijay is bigger than Ajith in Tamilnadu market and that’s the reason he is literally begging Tamil distributors to allot 20% more theatres to Varissu than Thunivu. These comments triggered a discussion in Tamil markets, but then, there is something we should look into here in the Telugu market too. 

Apparently, Dil Raju stated that Vijay is a bigger star than Ajith and he wants to push Tamil distributors and exhibitors to give his film Varasudu more theatres. In that case, why shouldn’t Mythri Movies pressurise distributors-exhibitors to give more theatres to Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna’s films as their market is much bigger than Vijay here in the Telugu states.

Coming to that, Dil Raju is saying that whoever has the capability to grab theatres will get the best for their films. If the same logic is applied, seasoned producers in the Tamil market would get more theatres for Ajith than Vijay, as Dil Raju is a new entrant there. 

While this is nothing but business logic, those who have got hurt by Dil Raju’s comments are now asking him to give more of these theatres to Veerayya and Veerasimha.

There are reports from Vizag, that 6 theatres were alloted to Vijay’s Varasudu, where as 4 of each given for Chiru and Balayya films.

However, out of the 450+ odd screens in Telangana, Dil Raju has ground leases with only 37 theatres, so definitely giving more theatres to Chiru and Balayya will not be vested in the hands of Raju, but other players as well.