What A Pose! How Samantha Achieved Grace!

Star heroine Samantha Ruth Prabhu is back to promoting her films on Instagram and with the trailer of “Shakuntalam” all set to be released, the ravishing siren explained how could she achieve that gracious posing for the role she played. And it looks like being glamorous and diving are two tough things that one should work on quite well to achieve it.

Apparently, Samantha revealed that maintaining grace and posture for the role of Shakuntala, whose love story with King Dushyanta turns out to be epic, is a hard thing to achieve. “Even while walking, talking, running and crying as well, we have to maintain grace, which is not my thing. For that I’ve taken classes” she says, adding that popular dance choreographer Aruna Bikshu has trained her to achieve that feat.

And that picture Samantha shared where she posed in a cropped tee and tight pants like that divine Ellora sculpture is a treat to the eyes. Her ravishingly hot physique is on one side and this magnanimous grace is on the other side, thus giving a super punch to the pose altogether. We have to see what more the top siren has done for the epic film.