The Spy Universe Of YRF Is Raising The Bar

It is not just the world of sequels but one with franchises and multiverses. The multiverse is the new trend cashing big at the box office and equally exciting the fans of all the superstars.

We have seen Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Vikram with flashes of Karthi’s Khaidi and the introduction of Rolex Suriya in the movie. The director announced at the Vikram multiverse that will have other superstars have their part to play in the franchise. And then we have KGF movies by Prashant Neel that are rumored to have Prabhas and other heroes in them. The latest one to join the party is Pathaan.

Well, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan was released the other day with gigantic openings already beating KGF2. It has to be seen where the full run of Pathaan earns for it. More than the present collections, the intriguing thing about Pathaan is its entry into the YRF Spy Universe franchise and the multiverse’s next installments.

We already have seen Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger’ spy movies and Hrithik’s War from YRF Spy Universe. Now the legendary production company brought in Shah Rukh Khan with Pathaan in it and it is definitely raising the bar.

When the two biggest superstars of Bollywood Salman and Shah Rukh gave the mind-blowing action show to fans, many are anticipating what it would look like to see Hrithik or Tiger Shroff join the bandwagon. Overall, the cameo of Salman in Pathaan raised expectations for upcoming installments of the franchise.

For now, the YRF Spy Universe is making Tiger 3 which is under production while War 2 will be announced soon.