Babu Should Be Appreciated For ‘Gay’ Affair

After leaving a good three weeks for Sankranthi releases, finally another film saw the light last Friday and that happens to be Sudheer Babu’s “Hunt”. While this is a quick release for Sudheer after “Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali”, many thought that he will score big this time. But this ‘Hunt’ is not going to hunt down the lack of a blockbuster for his career.

For its lack of emotional connection and engaging narrative, Sudheer’s Hunt fell flat at the box office without hunting revenues from the box office.

However, one has to appreciate Sudheer Babu for the fact that he agreed to do the role of a police officer, who kills his own friend because the friend came to know about his secret gay affair.

While they haven’t shown any serious gay love-making scene, still Sudheer has done this scene where he gets up from a bed with another guy. One should appreciate the talented hero for agreeing to do this role pretty boldly.

This film happens to be the remake of Malayalam film “Mumbai Police” and that was 10 years ago that the film starring Prithviraj worked out there.

So making some changes to the script would have worked better. Because a decade ago, showing something gay would be shocking, but these days none are actually surprised by that aspect.