Upendra Waiting For A Weird Idea To Direct Rajinikanth

Upendra is not only a star hero in the Kannada film industry but also a popular director. He directed many hit films like Om, Upendra, Uppi 2 and Super. After watching his film Super in 2010, Superstar Rajinikanth was highly impressed and expressed his desire of working under Upendra’s direction if the latter comes up with a good script.

However, that combination didn’t work out till now. Recently, during the promotions of his latest film Kabzaa, Upendra was asked about his possible collaboration with Rajinikanth.

Responding to the same, Upendra said that everybody in the industry wants to work with Rajinikanth and it is a dream for every director. “His statement itself is enough for me,” Upendra further added.

He went on to say that he isn’t directing films regularly nowadays as he is busy with his acting career. “I should get some weird ideas, otherwise, I won’t be interested in directing a film.”

So, we have to see if he gets a whacky idea in the future which can suit Rajinikanth’s image. As of now, Upendra is directing a film called UI. It is the post-production stage.