Rana Naidu Season 2 Will Come, But With One Change?

Rana Naidu turned out to be a sensation both in good and bad ways. Firstly, the show is a huge hit across the world despite the backlash from the Telugu families and female fans of actor Venkatesh. Secondly, the show, being the first web series with big stars and unexpected abuse and obscenity, received the heat.

If the people were so upset and outraged by the content, it would not have become such a bug hit and viral. For the folks who have thought the second season would be shelved, here is an update. The second season of Rana Naidu is very much on, but with a change. The content will be significantly toned down, in the terms of obscenity and abuse, a report says.

Some political leaders objected to the content like Anurag Thakur saying, ‘abusive language in the name of innovation would not be condoned’ and Vijayashanti disagrees with Rana Naidu’s content and presentation. Vijayashantoi even stressed on censorship mandate for OTT releases as well, though she did not mention the name.

Amid the criticism, Rana Naidu has been getting more popular and has now taken top spots in IMDB’s ranking of Popular Indian Celebrities in the week.

Actor Venkatesh responded to the criticism for the first time saying he took a turn from his stereotypic roles with Rana Naidu. The senior actor has no regrets doing Rana Naidu though it has dented his ‘family hero’ brand. It appears that Venkatesh is totally aware of what he was doing.