Update: This Is Happening With Pushpa 2!

The movie ‘Pushpa’, directed by Sukumar and starring Stylish star Allu Arjun, has been a smashing success all over India. As a result of this, there is now immense anticipation surrounding the sequel ‘Pushpa-2 (The Rule)’.

Last month’s concept video for ‘Hunt for Pushpa’, released in honour of Allu Arjun’s birthday, generated massive numbers on social media. With this newfound worldwide reach and engagement, the team behind the film are strategizing to make sure it appeals to an even wider international audience.

According to the sources, the shooting of this movie is taking place in regions near Maredumilli and Odisha right now. Key scenes featuring the main cast are currently being filmed.

Once this schedule concludes, further production will move abroad to deliver a feeling of internationality to the final product. Reports indicate that some major episodes may be shot in Bangkok and Europe.

Despite fierce public criticism, the filmmaking team behind “Pushpa 2” have chosen to move forward with their plans to shoot action scenes featuring foreign actors and crew abroad.

Experts have worried that this would cause the sequel to lose some of its unique flavour, but Allu Arjun and director Sukumar remain committed to appealing to an international audience. With this risk, they are hoping for a wider viewership worldwide.