Worked On Hanuman’s Character For An Year: Prasanth Varma

Prasanth Varma

Director Prasanth Varma’s latest flick Hanu-Man is gearing up for its release. Teja Sajja played the protagonist in this superhero movie.

The makers initially planned to release the movie in the summer, of this year. But they pushed it owing to delay in the post-production. “The VFX work would be completed by the end of June. We hope to announce the release date in the first week of July. VFX work is not in our hands. A single shot takes a lot of time to render. Despite using US and China renders, it is still taking enough time. Expectations increased after the release of the teaser. We cut the teaser and the trailer at the same time. The trailer will exceed your expectations.”

The director initially planned to make it only in Telugu. “The title got a tremendous response from Hindi. After the release of the first look of Teja, we got offers from Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. Hadn’t we get those offers, we would have stuck to Telugu.”

Prasanth Varma says Hanu-Man’s character was created first. “This story needs a fictional world. Hanu-Man is the story that takes place in that fictional world. Anjanadri is a village on an island. Hanuman was born in Anjanadri, so we named the village after it.”

He informs the story takes place in the present time. “We have taken a key incident in the story of Hanuman as an inspiration. Most of the story is in current times. We worked on the character sketch of Hanuman for almost a year.”

Prasanth feels that Teja Sajja is the right choice for the character. “This role requires an underdog. A common man is only interested in getting super hero powers. Teja’s image is perfect for this role. We thought it would be more interesting if he got powers and beat villains. Teja underwent a complete makeover.”

The director says he will definitely have a film with Balakrishna. “I pitched an idea before Balakrishna. He liked it. I’m excited to work with him.”