Pic Talk: Arjun Covered In Pillow, Malaika Calls Him Lazy Boy!

A picture speaks a thousand words, but this one speaks a ton of words and a truckload of romantic jokes.

Malaika Arora and her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor often give the couple goals through their pictures. The latest one from Malaika is too romantic and the internet can’t stop commenting on it.

Malaika posted a picture of Arjun Kapoor covering his private parts in a pillow and she commented on it, ‘My very own lazy boy’. And her hashtag is even more teasy, as it says #IYKYK, which means ‘If you know You Know’.

The comments flooded the picture on the internet that they two must have had a ‘great’ weekend and he is still in the last night’s attire.