NBK108 Title: Anil Ravipudi Looking For a Specific Sound

NBK108 left the fans and regular audience curious as the movie is expected to have powerful scenes in Balayya style blended with Anil Ravipudi-style comedy. There were a number of rumors already on the movie, but the team did not let a tiny bit of information crawl out, except this one about the title.

If that report is to be believed, Anil Ravipudi is looking for a specific title. Like Balayya’s Akhanda title sounds and reminds of Lord Shiva, this NBK108 should give the excitement and aura of Lord Vishnu.

Anil Ravipudi is on the hunt for a title that should sound and give an immediate mark of Lord Vishnu in it. It is not known whether this NBK108 is related to any godly concept like Akhanda, but the lead character is heard to have the name of one of the Vishnu avatars. It is generally known that Lord Shiva is essentially the Destroyer, but Lord Vishnu is the Preserver.

While Anil says that ‘This time it is beyond your imagination’, the rumors popping up each day are just raising expectations of the movie even higher. One thing is clear Balayya’s look in NBK108 impressed one and all, just like his Veera Simha Reddy did.

It has to be seen how well Anil Ravipudi showed Balayya in the movie and also if Anil Ravipudi could beat the expectations of the movie.