Aadikeshava Lacks Buzz – Vamsi Should Do The Magic

Next Friday (Nov 24), one of the films that got postponed many times already, mega hero Vaishnav Tej’s “Aadikeshava” is hitting the cinemas. Guess what, the film’s trailer release also got postponed due to technical issues, and then there is no good buzz for the movie even though it is coming from Sithara Entertainment and also has the happening Sreeleela in the lead. Here’s an interesting snippet.

Apparently, superhit songs are needed these days for a film to get ample buzz before the release, but the tunes composed by GV Prakash for Aadikeshava haven’t done much magic. With the release just a week away, surely the film needs a huge buzz in order to get decent openings. The only way for that to happen is through producer Naga Vamsi whose speeches at movie press-meets could really rake up the buzz.

Whether it is his speech at DJ Tillu pre-release media events or the one about giving back tickets at ‘Mad’ movie event, always his speeches trigger an unprecedented buzz for the movies. And if he repeats such magic for Aadikeshava, surely the film might get terrific attention. We have to see what Naga Vamsi is likely to do now.