Manamey Doing Not Bad!

Among the films released last Friday, Manamey movie made the biggest impact. While Kajal Aggarwal’s “Satyabhama” didn’t resonate well with its target audience, Manamey film became the preferred choice for family viewers. According to Book My Show trends, it sold 55 thousand tickets on the first day and 67 thousand on the second day, indicating a potential for over a lakh on Sunday. While these numbers aren’t the highest, the buzz surrounding Manamey film is better than just decent.

However, the real test begins from Monday, as the drop in audience numbers will determine the box office performance. Maintaining at least fifty percent occupancy will put the movie on track for a hit, but it’s a challenging task.

Despite having elements like a couple’s chemistry, child sentiment, emotional moments, and vibrant London visuals, Manamey couldn’t fully satisfy the audience.

Next week, movie will face competition from Sudheer Babu’s “Haromhara” and some other smaller films. However, if it continue to appeal to family audiences, we might have another week to capitalize on. Sharwanand, seems optimistic. He’s personally visiting theaters in Hyderabad to gauge the audience response and sharing positive videos on social media.