‘Butta Bomma’ Step Of Warner & Wife Is Breaking Internet

Well, by now, the signature step of Allu Arjun’s latest blockbuster movie “Butta Bomma” has become a rage. Already we have the likes of Shilpa Shetty doing the step and putting up that video on Tik Tok where millions of other fans also tried their hand at it. Even the likes of Urvashi Rautela did the same step to wish Bunny on his birthday.

Now all the way, the song has flown to Australia, to the house of one of the cricketing greats David Warner. Along with wife Candice, now Warner is breaking the internet. As IPL got cancelled, Warner is trying in all possible ways to entertain his Sunrisers Hyderabad fans with his acts. Wearing SRH jersey, the stunning striker took his wife into the scene, as they both do the signature move of Butta Bomma.

While both of their dance moves are adorable, the best part of the video is when their daughter sneaks in, as she passes to the other side right across the screen. And the cute little munchkin also tries to do a dance move in the end, breaking us into hearty laughs.

Excited by this video, Allu Arjun has actually re-tweeted it, but then he has deleted the re-tweet as it will not be looking good to do that just a while after he posted condolence message for Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor.