Maharaja Comes To Rescue Of Telugu Box Office

As yesterday’s (Friday) releases, such as “Honeymoon Express” and Varun Sandesh’s “Ninda,” failed to make an impact, the Telugu Film Industry has once again felt the shocker.

With “Kalki 2898 AD” set for release next week (June 27), no popular films have taken advantage thus giving way for small films. However, none of these films worked out. Here’s the saviour, however.

In a time when Telugu theatres were struggling with lacklustre releases, Vijay Sethupathi’s latest film “Maharaja” has emerged as a saviour, delivering a much-needed boost at the box office. The crime thriller, which hit the screens on June 14th, has been steadily gaining momentum, with its occupancy improving over the weekend.

This timely boost has come as a relief to the Telugu theatres, which were facing a dry spell in terms of successful releases. On Saturday, Maharaja’s walk-ins are bigger than all the other films together at the Telugu box office.

“Maharaja” has been a smash hit in the Telugu states, entering the safe zone within the first week of its release. The film managed to cross the 50-crore mark at the worldwide box office, with a significant portion of the collections coming from the Telugu states.