Varun Tej Shocks Dil Raju?

F2 turned out to be one of the biggest blockbusters and many factors helped it to become so. Now, that the director Anil Ravipudi is planning for its sequel and Dil Raju is also gearing up for the same, Varun tej is heard to have shot some demands towards the star producer.

Varun Tej had few successful films when he signed in for F2, but he did not hesitate or lay conditions to act in a multistarrer. Varun Tej pocked a decent remuneration offered by Dil Raju and did not ask for any special demands regarding his role. But with the sequel coming up, Varun Tej is reportedly sitting tight on few demands.

Varun Tej is heard to be asking for a big paycheque and also an equally prominent role as Venkatesh. With this demand list, Dil Raju is looking for ways to smooth it over. Dil Raju pocketed around 30 crore profits for F2 and for the craze the movie gained, neither Venkatesh and nor Varun Tej would be in a mood to compromise on remuneration.

Needless to say that Anil Ravipudi wants to be paid better than for F2. If all these remuneration demands are to be met, Dil Raju must be looking at 60 crores or more for the budget, while the first part was made in less than 30 crore. While Dil Raju is planning to cut the costs with covid reasons, the fresh demands from the team are working against his plans.