Bigg Boss: Who Is Nominated? Who Is Safe?

Last week, four contestants entered the nominations, but all of them entered the safe zone successfully. This week, five out of seven housemates are in the nominations. Mondays are for nominations in the Bigg Boss house. The episode is going to be telecasted tonight, here is the inside information. It is learnt that Sohel and Ariyana are in the safe zone for this week.

Harika, who was the house captain last week, did not take part in the nominations procedure. But, she is in the nominations this week. She has even nominated Abhijeet, in a surprising move.

Abhijeet, who was saved from the nominations last week because Harika swapped Monal with him, is in the current week’s nominations. Monal is in the nominations too. Akhil nominated Monal and Monal nominated Akhil before engaging in heated arguments.

Avinash, who became safe because of the Eviction pass last week, is in the nominations again for this week.

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