Dil Raju To Spend Rs 30 Crore On Them?

F2 starring Victory Venkatesh and Varun Tej have become a surprise hit at the box-office. Overwhelmed with this response, the film unit announced a sequel for the film. Titled F3, the movie will feature both the lead actors again. Anil Ravipudi is the director of the movie, and Dil Raju is the film’s producer. The film’s shoot will begin soon, but Dil Raju is unhappy about one particular aspect. F3 is going overboard in terms of budget, but Dil Raju uses his clever-cutting plans to keep the project under control.

For F2, Dil Raju paid 3 Crs to Varun Tej and 6 Crs to Venkatesh. The film has become a big hit and garnered a huge craze. So, both the actors are demanding hefty paychecks for the project. Dil Raju decided to pay 10 Crs to Venkatesh, but Varun Tej asked for an equal remuneration with Venkatesh. Dil Raju tried to negotiate, but Varun Tej is keen on taking 10 Crs home. On the other hand, Anil Ravipudi too hiked his remuneration, and he will be getting 10 Crs as a remuneration. So, 30 Crs of the film’s remuneration is going into the remunerations of heroes and director.

Apart from remuneration, Raju also offered the actors to share revenue in the profits in case of exceeding profits. If the actors agree for the deal, the film’s shoot will take off next month.