Adhugo Trailer: Superstar Bunty!

Ravi Babu is known for meticulously making out-of-the-box films. In the past, he has done miracles with shoe-string budget. This time he has attempted India's First Live Action 3D with Adhugo where the protagonist is Bunty, a piglet.

The film which has wrapped up its complete shoot in 2016 took 2 years only for the post-production works to finish. Extensive visuals, 3 Dimensional Bunty are said to be the reasons for the long delay. The trailer gives us glimpses of the Adugo that showcases that the film is blend of humour, emotion, drama and action. Prashant Vihari's music comes in handy and cinematography is good.

Ravi Babu's shot-division and the kinda toil went into the film is visible in the trailer. However, the trailer hasn't revealed the story of the movie keeping the suspense alive. Touted to be a love story with suspense elements, how Bunty helped the story progress forms the film.

Suresh Babu is confident on Adhugo and the film is hitting the screens for Dasara. Babu duo are hoping that the film would appeal to families and kids in the festive season.

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