Tharagathi Gadhi Daati Review: Breezy Romance

Cast : Harshith Reddy, Payal Radhakrishna, Nikhil, Bindu and others
Director : Mallik Ram
Producer : Kolla Praveen
Music : Naren RK Siddhartha
Genre : Love
Streaming On : AHA

Aha is churning out back-to-back web series and next in line is Tharagathi Gadhi Daati. The web series has Harshith Reddy, Nikhil, Payal, and Bindu is streaming now. The series is directed by Malik Ram.


Kittu(Harshith) is a bright student but his interest lies in cooking and he wants to take it to the professional level. Things change for him when a girl named Jasmine(Payal) enters his life. Love blossoms and when things are going just fine, the love story has a big issue. What is that issue and how will the young couple solve it is the basic storyline of Tharagathi Gadhi Daati.


Harshith is quite cool in the lead role and grabs the opportunity given to him in a solid manner. The way he emotes and showcases subtle emotions was impressive. Payal, who played the female lead is also neat. Though she struggles initially, as the show goes forward, she is also impressive. Raman Bhargav acted well as the strict father and teacher. Nikhil is also good in his given character and has a good screen presence. Snehal Kamat did well as Madhu.


Monish Bhupati Raju’s cinematography is beautiful as the Rajahmundry and its surrounding areas are showcased well. The storyline is simple and does not have many twists. The whole show depends on breezy narration and the way the lead characters perform and keep the show going. Music and BGM are good and give the feeling of listening to Ilayaraja’s tunes. The editing part is perfect as the scenes are not dragged. The show is directed by Malik Ram and the way he perceives the show looks decent.


Breezy Romance
Lead Pair Performance


Dull conflict point


This series is the official remake of the hit show Flames. Malik Ram has nicely adapted it and even more beautifully set it up in Rajahmundry. The first three episodes are impressive as topics like romance, relations, friendship has been narrated in a breezy manner. These episodes look fresh and the small town backdrop only adds to the value.

But the show is not sure of flaws here and there. The last two episodes are a bit predictable. One would expect an, even more, stronger ending but the show is wrapped up on a simple note. Dialogues keep the audience engaged and the youthfulness in the characters is brought out well. 

One of the best parts of the show is that the main topic has not deviated much. Such shows are not made much in Telugu and it is good to see the makers attempting such themes and keeping them real as well. Barring the slightly predictable scenes here and there and the lack of twists, this show will leave a decent impression on you with its freshness. 

Bottom Line – Simple and Breezy

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