Agent Movie Review

Agent Movie Review
Agent Movie Review


2 Hr 36 Mins   |   Action   |   28-04-2023

Cast - Akhil, Sakshi Vaidya, Mammooty, Murali Sharma, Dino Morea and others

Director - Surender Reddy

Producer - Anil Sunkara

Banner - AK Entertainments

Music - Hiphop Tamizha

Akhil Akkineni is coming back to his action avatar with Agent in Surender Reddy’s direction. He is coming to big screens almost after a two-year break. Akhil is seen in all new look for the Agent while the trailer looked stylish and action-packed. The movie was released today in theaters. The Agent seems to be on a big mission and let us see the review of how his mission went.

What Is It About?

An ethical hacker Rama Krishna aka Ricky (Akhil) is an aspiring secret agent. He falls in love with Vaidhya (Sakshi Vaidhya). He admires the RAW chief Mahadev (Mammootty) and tries to impress him with his skills. The God (Dino Morea) is an international criminal after whom the whole of Raw is. Mahadev resorts to sending Ricky aka Agent Wild on an unofficial mission to bring down the God. Is Ricky successful in his mission? What is the mission and who is the God actually? All these questions are answered by the story of the Agent.


Akhil put his full efforts into the role of the wild agent, but his character always appears needlessly hyper. His action stunts and looks show his dedication. The poor story and the way it was pulled off purs cold water on his effort. Dino Morea is just another Hindi villain who does all the high-profile bad jobs and his character is severely boring. A stylish villain might be needed for the role, but he is the same old baddie we have seen a lot of times in many movies so far. Time for filmmakers to realize the need for a change of villain characters.

Mammootty is good in his role as a Raw chief. He is efficient for the role given, but he is wasted in this clumsy spy action movie. Sakshi Vaidhya looked good, but her acting skills are very poor. It looks like we are watching a dubbed movie as the heroine’s dialogues are not in lip sync. Others like Murli Sharma, Satya, and Sampath Raj did their part in their respective roles.


The Agent is a lengthy and boring action affair. One of the main drawbacks is the run time. The Agent looked stylish and expensive. The cinematography by Rasool Ellore impresses in a good number of scenes and frames. Not even one song is interesting and the song Rama Krishna comes out of nowhere to exactly where it is not at all needed. Even the item song in the end appeared purely a forced one and it goes like ‘What the heck Wild Saala’ true to our thinking at that time. Background music is very ordinary and there were no mindblowing highlights in the movie at all. The screenplay could have been a lot better.

Thumbs Up


Thumbs Down

Routine storyline and narration
Villain role
Songs and BGM
Run time


The best agent going rogue for personal reasons and the mastermind who trained him sending a new and even more challenging agent after him is a vintage thread that was beaten to death in all these years. This Agent is nothing beyond that formula but was made in the most unentertaining way possible. There are umpteen logicless and overboard scenes and scenarios that take the audience for granted. Even after bearing all of them as cinematic liberty, Agent still remains a stale and lifeless drama.

The director Surender Reddy shows his protagonist as an ‘unpredictable’ young chap who goes to any extent to become a RAW agent. But the Kick hangover of the director seems to be haunting him and could be seen in every inch of the movie. The first half of the movie has the routine story of a sharp guy in wastrel disguise, an extremely boring love track, and of course the ruthless villain’s show. In a way to show our hero as an unpredictable ‘wild saala’, his character goes overboard many a time leaving the seriousness of the so-called mission far behind. A RAW chief trusting an enthusiast for a significant mission itself is a joke and the sequences that happen all along are even more painful to watch. The love track is one patience-tester in the first half, and good that it lasts only for a while. Speaking of monotony, the director could not leave the boring practice of a rich brat lusting over the heroine and the hero warning his dad to stay away.

Putting aside if Dino Morea is the right choice for the role of a baddie, he is the most boring character in the movie. We have seen many such villains in the past, who have the best track record as an agent but turns against to trouble their teacher. His appearance as a stylish and powerful cyborg with state-of-the-art destruction technology did not help his character or the story in any way.

The second half is more chaos with chases, firing, and blasts everywhere. The lack of logic continues in the second half too. Akhil put his full efforts in for this Agent, but the weak writing and storyline dominate everything. Neither the songs nor the BGM is arresting.

A spy thriller that wants a hero to stop the baddie from destructing the country with multiple bombs all over, is as old as mountains. The pre-climax and climax are truly patience testing with more and more goons coming in to stop the protagonist. The pre-climax reveals why the hero wanted to become a RAW agent and it appears purely a forced one without emotion. A most-wanted terrorist entering a RAW office and leaving on his own after throwing a challenge at the chief is a tip on the farcical iceberg of Agent. The climax has a lengthy action block concluding with a predictable end.

Overall, Agent is an expensive mission that failed miserably as he has to ‘surrender’ to the weakest storyline and execution. Agent Ricky will be on an impressing spree in the movie as he impresses the heroine, small villains, goons, Raw Chief, antagonist, and almost everyone with his wildness, but unfortunately not the audience.

Bottomline: Failed Mission

Rating: 2/5