Bubblegum Movie Review: Tasteless Bubblegum!


2 Hr 28 Mins   |   Love   |   29-12-2023

Cast - Roshan Kanakala, Maanasa Choudhary, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, Viva Harsha, Bindu Chandramouli, Anannyaa and others

Director - Ravikanth Perepu

Producer - P Vimala

Banner - Maheshwari Movies

Music - Sricharan Pakala

Roshan Kanakala, son of Suma and Rajeev Kanakala, is all set for his debut as lead actor with Bubblegum. He teamed up with director Ravikanth Perepu of Kshanam and Krishna and His Leela fame. Roshan turned heads with his confident pre-release speeches. Will he score the success in his maiden attempt? Let’s check out.

What is it about?

Adi (Roshan), the son of butcher Yadagiri, is a happy-go-lucky guy with a singular ambition to become a popular DJ. Meanwhile, like any other youth, he becomes attracted to a beautiful girl named Janu (Manasa Chowdary) who is also wealthy. Janu is an aspiring fashion designer who is planning to go abroad for higher studies. However, she also finds herself drawn to Adi. Janu is not inclined towards serious relationships and is averse to commitments in life, having no plans for marriage or settling down. On the contrary, Adi is sincere and honest in his love for Janu. “Bubblegum” explores Adi and Janu’s love journey, the challenges they face, and how they overcome them.


Roshan Kanakala, though a fresher he impresses with the character which is blended with attitude and arrogance. Female lead Manasa Chowdary is bold and beautiful. She does well in the romantic scenes but struggles when it comes to emotion. Chaitu Jonnalagadda is an absolute show-stealer. He is so natural and flawless as the new-age father. His old-city accent adds great value addition for his character. Bindu Chandramouli as mother is apt for the role. Harshavardhan and other actors fit the bill. Viva Harsha gets wasted with a poorly-written side character. Hero’s friends are alright. Performances-wise, the film has nothing much to point out.


Plot-wise, it is an age-old one and the conflict is disconnecting. Writer-director Ravikanth, who is also credited for editing, fails to narrate a gripping story. Barring the middle and the end, it falters in between. Sri Charan Pakala’s background music and a couple of songs are good. Camera work by Suresh Ragatu is noteworthy. 

Thumbs Up

Youthful Moments & Dialogues
Interval and Climax

Thumbs Down

Ego-driven conflict
Pointless Second-Half
Forced Drama, Action


Director Ravikanth Perepu earned the tag of sensible filmmaker. Be it Kshanam or Krishna and His Leela, he has set a bar of minimum expectations for his films. However, with his latest outing Bubblegum, Ravikanth fell short. Right from choosing a weak story and the ego-driven conflict to the writing and the treatment, he gets it wrong. Intentionally, there is an effort to make the lead actor’s character look like an angry young man, but it doesn’t translate well. The poor boy vs rich girl love story is done to death. It needed fresh narration and drive. The director attempts an Arjun Reddy-style presentation, the way he fights with his girl and the way she comes back chasing him. These all give a feeling of nostalgia.

The love story of the lead actors is not convincing enough in the first place. The initial scenes lacked that vigour, thus making it a typical youth film. The formulaic placement of songs obstructs the storytelling. The one major episode leading to a major conflict between the lead pair seems forced. As the film reaches the midway, it raises some curiosity. The way the opening scene and the interval block are connected is a good one.

Post-interval, the film goes haywire. The ego war vs love and the turn of the girl to chase the boy all look unnatural and make one disconnect with the happenings. The major conflict scene is repetitive and the scenes weaved around it also fail. One doesn’t understand the whole character of Joel, the ex-boyfriend of Janu, who presents all the time for the convenience of the director to create some drama and conflict whenever he intends to. The whole Goa episode is disengaging. The rapper portions remind one of Gully Boy. The film drags only to bore the viewers further. The ego coming between love playing spoilsport is not effectively conveyed. The writing is very sub-par.

Having said the above, the only thing that works is the boy’s father Yadagairi (Chaitu Jonnalagadda) and his banter with his son Adi. Apart from this, the hero and heroine’s romance and the constant liplocks may appeal to a section of youth. It is a used and old bubblegum with all gum, but no juice left. This bubblegum is stretched way beyond than it should be. The more one chews it, the more bitter it turns. Barring decent interval and climax, Bubblegum has nothing much to offer.

Verdict: Tasteless Bubblegum!

Rating: 2/5