Review – Happy Ending


2Hr 26 Mins   |   Love   |   02-02-2024

Cast - Yash Puri, Apoorva Rao, Ajay Ghosh, Vishnu Oi, Jhansi, Anita Chowdhary

Director - Kowshik Bheemidi

Producer - Yogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala

Banner - Hamstech Films

Music - Ravi Madarthy

Happy Ending is one film that created a decent buzz with its trailers. Featuring Yash Puri, Ajay Ghosh, and Apoorva Rao in lead roles, the film is directed by Kowshik Bheemidi. Yogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, and Anil Pallala are the producers of this film which has music by Ravi Madarthy. Read our review here.


Harsh(Yash Puri), a dashing young man suffers from a deadly curse. Whomever he gets physically involved with or even has fantasies about die in a tragic situation. However, things change for him when he falls in love with Avani(Apoorva Rao). Things get to a stage where the romance is high and if the inevitable happens, Avani will also die. How did Harsh confront Avani? What is this curse in the first place? and how Harsh saved himself is the crux of Happy Ending.


Yash Puri plays the main lead and he looks clueless in the film. It might be due to his character graph or the way he is showcased by the director. In a strict few scenes, he manages to hold our attention. The only solace of the film is actress Apoorva Rao who is a decent. She looks good and also performs with ease in the film. Ajay Ghosh overacts for no reason but luckily, he is limited in the film. Jhansi got a decent role and was neat. Vishnu Oi, the popular comedian provided a few laughs here and there.

Technical Aspects

The production values of the film are decent. The setup, visuals, and the basic premise are showcased decently. Editing is the biggest villain as it fails badly. There are so many over-the-top scenes in the film that could have been chopped off to give less burden to the audience but that does not happen. The dialogue in Happy Ending is silly and over the top. The screenplay goes for a toss as an interesting subject is murdered with logicless narration. Idea-wise, the plot is good but the writing is bland and does not showcase anything novel.

What’s Good

Vishnu Oi’s comedy

What’s Bad

Basic Narration
Runtime issues
Over-the-top scenes
Senseless emotions


Happy Ending has a very unique premise which looked good in the trailer. But the way it is executed on screen is a big letdown. Director Kowshik Bheemidi falters in his narration as he lets go of an interesting premise. The plot had scope for comedy and emotions. But sadly, the young director does not make use of either and makes this film fall in no man’s land.

Happy Ending is neither an adult comedy nor has strong emotions of death and falls flat. There are a few scenes in the first half which unleash the basic storyline. But the second half is a mess and tests your patience big time. Not even a single factor works during this time creating only boredom for the audience.

Even the overhyped climax by the makers, falls flat as the ending is routine and nothing great to rave about. The logic goes for a toss in the film as the concept of the curse could have been showcased more sensibly. One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the main lead’s character. It does not have a proper curve and due to this, Yash Puri looks clueless in the film.

Happy Ending is marred with some forced comedy and emotions. The so-called emotions become boring after a while and the comedy is also bland after a while. The heroine knows about hero’s curse and starts to live with it . But still, the hero is after her and trying to resolve the curse issue which looks silly. In a way, Happy Ending is not a happy watch for the audience. It goes on and on and makes you look at the exit door.

Bottom Line – A sad ending for audience

Rating: 1.5/5