Premalu Movie Review


2 hr 36 mins   |   Comedy Drama   |   February 9, 2024

Cast - Naslen, Mamitha, Althaf Salim, Shyam Mohan, Akhila Bhargavan, Meenakshi Raveendran

Director - Girish AD

Producer - Fahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran

Banner - Bhavana Studios

Music - Vishnu Vijay

Malayalam movies are known for their enjoyable portrayal of simple stories that exist around us. Girish’s ‘Premalu’ aims to become that kinda movie, whether it succeeds or not, let’s check.

What Is It About?

Sachin (Naslen), an engineering graduate, who wants to go to the UK in pursuit of his career, and who is also fed up with his native place so much that he wants to escape from it. Through his friend Amal (Sangeeth Prathap), he comes to Hyderabad for the time being where he falls in love with an IT employee Reenu (Mamitha Baiju), but Reenu’s ideal boyfriend qualities are completely different from Sachin’s. They become friends but for love to blossom some drama has to take place which you need to witness on the big screen.


Naslen eats up the screen as Sachin with his amazing portrayal of innocence associated with longing for love. Dude brings out both laughs and care from us for his character wholeheartedly. Mamitha Baiju as Reenu was too cute to look on screen and emote quite well in the little serious scenes the movie got. The chemistry she brought out with Naslen was a treat to watch. Sangeeth Prathap as Amal was quite good, all his puns land hilariously. Shyam Mohan as Aadhi, the guy who portrayed Reenu’s bestie was another entertaining performance from the movie whose frustrated portrayal left the theatre in splits.


Music by Vishnu Vijay was melodious. ‘Telangana Bommalu’ by KG Markose stands out. Cinematography by Ajmal Sabu is neat, the visuals have this simple yet pleasing texture. Editing by Akash Joseph Varghese was good, especially in the first half where the pace was terrific.

Thumbs Up:

  • Lead Performances
  • Light-hearted humour

Thumbs Down:

  • A Bit Rushed Climax


Girish A.D. already proved his mettle as a director through the fantastic debut with ‘Thaneer Mathan Dinangal’, and a decent Sophomore ‘Super Sharanya’, ‘Premalu’ is his third venture and he did hit a superb hattrick with this.

Right from the word go the movie is a laugh-riot, with cute performances from the leads, Girish managed to keep the movie completely and enjoyably light-hearted. His writing is packed with many rib-tickling moments where the lead characters are designed with so much heart. With Sachin being a bit timid and Reenu being self-assured, yet the way both complement each other in the movie has been depicted quite beautifully.

The scenes and visuals depicting a fresher IT employee’s life in Hyderabad, their stays at rooms, were shown impressively. IT employees could easily connect and relate to them. A few dialogues in Telugu gives that excitement to the Telugu audience.

Girish managed to capture the spirit of Hyderabad with fine film making which we usually don’t see in a Malayalam movie. The movie’s simplicity never really comes across as plain but pleasing. And the way humor has been sprinkled throughout keeps the narrative taut for the most part. Had the ending been a bit better, the movie would’ve felt more wholesome, climax felt a bit rushed.

Bottomline: A Blissful Watch

Rating: 3/5