Prathinidhi 2 Movie Review


2 Hr 16 Mins   |   Political Drama   |   10 - 05 - 2024

Cast - Nara Rohit, Sree Lella, Sapthagiri,Tanikella Bharani, Indraja, Uday Bhanu, Ajay Ghosh

Director - Murthy Devagupthapu

Producer - Kumar Raja Batthula, Anjaneyulu Srithota, Surendranath Bolineni

Banner - Vanara Entertainments, Rana Arts

Music - Mahati Swara Sagar

Films that arrive during the election phase often reflect the themes related to politics, peoples’ struggles, democracy and other social issues. Since people too get occupied with the election fever, the mood to decide whom to vote etc, films with political themes often try to woo voters with their stories. Sometimes underlying message in such stories try to change the perspective of voters. Let’s see how ‘Prathinidhi 2’ directed by journalist-turned filmmaker Murthy Devagupthapu fares at the box office.


Journalist Che aka Chetan (Nara Rohit) is someone who wears integrity and ethics on his sleeves. Some of the incidents during his childhood compel him to become a journalist. When takes charge as CEO of NNC media outlet, he digs deep and uncovers the corrupt activities of political leaders in the State. When a assassination attempt was made against Chief Minister Prajapathi (Sachin Khedekar) all hell broke loose. What factors motivated to kill the CM? Who are the perpetrators behind the murder attempt? What does the CBI investigation reveal into the case? What part does Che play in uncovering the truth? — is the story in short.


Nara Rohit makes a return to the big screen after a long gap. Although he didn’t get much to deliver monologues compared to the role he played in ‘Prathinidhi’, his screen presence left a striking effect on this anti-YSRCP narrative.

Sachin Khedekar made a good impact with his role as Chief Minister Prajapathi. Jisshu Sengupta has equally added depth to his character.

Ajay Ghosh as political analyst looked quite off, and didn’t make any impact. Uday Bhanu too hasn’t got anything to boast about in the film.


The visuals and camera work from Nani Chamidisetty is appreciable. The music composed by Mahathi Swara Sagar looks slightly bland and doesn’t really give the feeling of watching a political thriller. Director Murthy didn’t get anything to explore but he tried to weave a story around power politics, democracy and people.

Thumbs Up

Nara Rohit
Episodes on encouraging voter participation
Twists in the second half

Thumbs Down

Dull screenplay
Poor characterisation
Routine scenes


The film Prathinidhi 2 is aimed at questioning the system and addressing the corruption which is eroding the public trust in the democratic setup of the State. Nara Rohith, who appeared as a common man in ‘Prathinidhi’, dons the role of fourth pillar of democracy (Journalist) in the present film Prathinidhi 2. If you anticipate the film has a particular agenda or inclination for a specific political party, you’re wrong. Murthy, a mainstream journalist-turned filmmaker, has bluntly put all his ideas into the story.

But the screenplay with which Prathinidhi 2 is treated, is not so engaging. The regular mix of elements keep surfacing in this cliched political commercial potboiler. Taking potshots against political representatives, episodes of mining scam, embezzlement of public funds, sting operations, abuse of power and botched up investigations — the film is over dramatized from what you perceive it from the reality.

You can notice Prathinidhi 2 has traces from a few old flicks like Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu, Prasthanam and Sarkar. The scenes involving the Finance Minister of the State losing his cool at the press, Special Investigative Officers probing the assassination case and farmers issues at Rythu Bazar although looking at some burning aspects of the story — were conceptualised quite silly on the screen.

Such films often raise awareness about the electoral process, stimulate dialogue about the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic setup and encourage voter participation. But Prathinidhi 2 hasn’t touched them even remotely.

It could have been a great story had director Murthy stuck on to the reality of the system rather than getting more preachy. There were films that ran on themes such as grassroot activism and community mobilisation, but Prathinidhi 2 failed to tap the election fever.

Bottom Line – Failed To Utilize ‘Perfect Timing’

Rating: 2/5