| | 2014-12-20

Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Others

Director - Rajkumar Hirani
Producer - Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar H
Banner - Vinod Chopra Films
Music - Ajay Atul, Ankit Tiwari

Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani have delivered historical hit with 3 Idiots in their previous outing. So the hype around PK is too much to handle. It is not easy for anybody to come up with something satisfying with so high expectations riding on the film. However AK and Raju Hirani have come out in flying colors. PK is another feather in both their crowns.

What is it about?

PK (Aamir Khan) is an alien who comes to planet Earth to study human beings. But his remote control gets stolen and he cannot get access to his space ship. Bhairav Singh (Sanjay Dutt) befriends him and PK learns Bhojpuri and Hindi in the process. He goes to Delhi in search of his lost remote control. Jaggu, a rooky journalist (Anushka) finds PK interesting and follows him for a story. PK sees his remote in possession of Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla), a Godman. PK and Jaggu plans a mission to recover it from Tapasvi.


Aamir Khan:

Aamir Khan the actor can do anything. He shocks you with his body language and the special touches he gives to the character. He is a delight to watch in this role. No other actor would have dared to take up this one. You simply believe that he is really an extraterrestrial. PK is arguably the best performance of Aamir Khan to date.

Anushka Sharma:

Anushka is a natural actress and she never tries too hard to make the emotions work. That makes her likeable in each and every film she does. She is superb in this film.


Saurabh Shukla's expressions are hilarious. His reactions to PK's questions will leave you in splits. Sanjay Dutt played a brief yet key role in the film. He is pretty solid as ever. Boman Irani didn't have meaty role. He did well within his limitations. Sushant Singh Rajput is impressive. Don't miss Ranbir Kapoor's cameo towards the end.



Rajkumar Hirani has a unique style of approach to cinema. PK is not different either. Despite having an alien as the protagonist, Raju Hirani doesn't go away from his style of treatment. There are many scenes to prove his brilliance as a director. The scene where Anushka breaks down after realizing PK's feelings on her is one of the best conceived scenes in recent times. His sharp wit and sense of humor stands out in PK. His job as an editor is top notch as well.


Music is passable. Nanga Punga Dost and Love is Waste of Time songs are good on screen. Cinematography is splendid. One of the major assets on the technical front. Production values are rich.

Thumbs Up:

Rajkumar Hirani
Aamir Khan

Thumbs Down:

Pre climax


PK grabs your attention right away with the lead character landing on Earth in stark naked avatar. The mystery around him hooks you at the very moment and PK is a rollercoaster ride until the interval point. Screenplay is too good to believe and almost ninety minutes finishes off in a flash. However the film hits few bumps during the second hour. PK turns overly preachy at times. Romantic angle of PK isn't in sync with rest of the story. Raju Hirani is a master storyteller that he uses it cleverly to take it to the climax.

First half is brilliant and will blow you away with awe inspiring dialogues and superb performances. Raju Hirani struggled a bit in taking the story towards the climax. PK still manages to hold the interest despite the hiccups. Main plot of the film is based on God and Godmen, which was seen in OMG (Oh My God) earlier. People who saw OMG will definitely draw similarities with it. That may take away few points from PK's overall score.

PK on a whole is a solid entertainer with so many rib tickling moments. Satires on God and Godmen may not go down well with sensitive viewers, but they are too good and absolutely logical. In spite of losing steam in the second half, PK has enough firepower to breeze ahead at the box office. Raju Hirani may not have been at his best in this film, but it is definitely better than many of the recent hits of Bollywood. We recommend this film for sheer entertainment value.         

Verdict: AK rocks as PK!

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