Prabhas’ Insta Story: It Is About Kalki Only

Just before the release of their films, many celebrities usually stun the audience with their cryptic posts. It looks like even Superstar Prabhas is going the same way as he shared something on his Instagram story today. However, this led to huge discussions now.

Apparently, Prabhas posted on his Insta stories an image, that has the text, “Darlings! Finally someone very special is about to enter our life. Wait Cheyyandi”. This led to speculations if Prabhas is likely to introduce his girlfriend to the world and or the 44-year-old actor is getting married. But then, no star hero would actually make such cryptic posts about marriage, wouldn’t it?

Reports are coming that this post is about “Kalki 2898 AD” promotions only and they are going to introduce the character of a robot in the upcoming days. Whether this is about that character or not, Prabhas’ post is about something related to the film only, but nothing else, confirmed insiders.

Well, even Prabhas has to slip into these cryptic promotions on the net to rake up buzz for his films and that’s what wonders the onlookers now.