Mamla Legal Hai Trailer – Hilarious Court Room Drama

Ravi Kishan is a familiar name among Telugu audiences, known for his memorable role as Maddali Sivareddy in Allu Arjun’s Racegurram. Later, he acted in some interesting films like Kick 2, Supreme, 90 ML, and others. Now, he is coming up with an interesting web series, for Netflix.

Ravi Kishan is set to debut in a brand new web series that promises to entertain viewers. Titled “Maamla Legal Hai,” the series stars Ravi Kishan alongside Naila Grewal and Ananth Vijay Joshi in leading roles.

Billed to be a hilarious courtroom drama, the series seems to be picking up some humorous cases and dealing with them in a light-hearted manner. Unlike other serious law dramas, this series seems to be packed with humor.

Directed by Rahul Pandey, the series is expected to premiere on Netflix on March 1.