Ananya’s Sizzling Tropical Glam Shines

Currently on the edge of anticipation is Ananya, eagerly awaiting the release of her much-anticipated venture, “Dream Girl 2.” This cinematic creation, headlined by Ayushmann Khurrana, is poised for a theatrical debut on the 25th of August. Amidst this fervor, Ananya finds herself engrossed in the spirited whirlwind of promotional activities, with her recent stopover in Chandigarh exemplifying her commitment.

In a snapshot shared on her Instagram profile, Ananya shines like a tropical monarch, donning a captivating ensemble comprising a bodysuit and a ruched pencil skirt. This bodysuit, adorned with vivacious tropical prints, boasts a modest closed neckline and full sleeves, exuding an air of refinement. Complementing it is an ankle-length pencil skirt, meticulously adorned with ruched motifs that embrace her silhouette below the waist, artfully accentuating her curves and style.