Bad Time For Harish Rao In TRS!

The ruling party of Telangana, TRS received a huge jolt in the Huzurabad by-election. CM KCR who has been flying high with his prowess, was forced to land on his feet, thereby putting the future of TRS party in Telangana in big doubt.

After KCR, finance minister T Harish Rao enjoys a huge following among the masses and TRS cadre but it seems that the bad time for Harish has started post the Huzurabad by-poll. Harish was unsuccessful in stopping the BJP twice (Dubbaka and Huzurabad) and in his constituency Siddipet, there raked up a huge debate on Harish. The image of ‘TRS Trouble-Shooter’ is slowly shedding for Harish and ‘Trouble-Shooter’ is in big trouble going by the buzz in political circles.

Is Harish unable to counter the BJP? Why is Harish consistently failing to meet the expectations of CM KCR? Or is it KCR’s game plan to side with Harish despite knowing the fact that the TRS will not win in Huzurabad? These questions are suffocating the TRS and its cadre.

Harish was the star campaigner of the Dubbaka and Huzurabad by-elections. As soon as KCR assigned the task, Harish entered the poll battle and campaigned in every corner of the constituencies. But the results were disappointing and Harish’s magic is not working. Eventually it pushed the TRS in a panic mood while a wide range of discussions are happening over Harish.

Political experts believe that the by-poll defeats has damaged the reputation of Harish Rao and the TRS party is worried that if Harish is given the charge of any future elections, the results might not be in their favour. In Huzurabad not just Harish, TRS ministers and MLAs campaigned for nearly four months but Harish was made the scapegoat to take the responsibility of the by-poll defeat.

Also all the oppositions are said to be united against the TRS. The same happened in Huzurabad by-poll. The Congress indirectly extended full support to BJP’s Etala and it was a senior Congress leader who acknowledged it. But it appears that the opposition’s primary target is Harish Rao not the TRS. After getting elected, Etala warned Harish that the former hold a Dalit Garjana in Siddipet and ensured to defeat Harish in the next election.

Simultaneously the sympathisers of Harish claim that wherever the TRS can win effortlessly, KCR and KTR take charge. After winning KTR will be hailed to the sky and at difficult places where it needs a massive effort Harish is deployed. If TRS loses, Harish is blamed, thereby making him zero among the party folks.