Sharmila’s Indirect Jibes At Brother Jagan!


The other day YSRTP chief YS Sharmila’s comments in entering AP politics drew a lot of attention and made it to the headlines because it was the first time that she opened up on Andhra politics. Yet again Sharmila’s comments raked up a row and this time she took indirect jibes at her own brother, AP CM YS Jagan.

On Friday, Sharmila met families of farmers who have committed suicide and received no help from the state government. Speaking on the occasion, Sharmila brought in out of the context comments.

“My life is tied up with this region. I married here in Telangana and gave birth to my kids here. People of Telangana have immense admiration for YSR and it’s vice versa. So in order to carry the legacy of YSR, I floated YSRTP to serve the same people of Telangana,” said Sharmila.

Going diplomatic, Sharmila added, “Anything can happen in politics. If a politician believes that he can stay in power as long as he can, then that’s his stupidity and if the same politician in opposition believes that he can’t come to power in near future, he can never achieve anything.”

Political observers opine that these comments by Sharmila are meant at YS Jagan and in future she might make inroads into AP. But within the YSRTP, there is a talk that Sharmila served a sweet warning to her brother Jagan who kept her aside after coming to power in AP in 2019.