Sharmila Reacts On Reunion of Telugu States

The TRS party found a weapon in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments who questioned AP bifurcation procedure in Parliament in the first phase of budget sessions. The TRS is countering the BJP on these comments and is trying to take political advantage. The other day at a public meeting, TRS Working President KTR alleged that if given another chance, the BJP will reunite the Telugu states.

Reacting to KTR’s comments, YSRTP chief YS Sharmila asked the possibilities? “KTR is provoking the people with reunion comments but one must analyse whether it is possible under current circumstances. TRS is known for igniting the sentiments among people and benefitting from it,” said Sharmila.

Finding a big loophole in Rythu Bhima scheme which is a flagship one of KCR’s government, Sharmila questioned why the Telangana government is paying insurance premium for 41 Lakh farmers whereas the government officially acknowledged that there are 66 Lakh farmers in the state.

“Farmers who are aged above 59 do not fall under Rythu Bhima and this is a grave injustice to them. Many farmers do not even have one acre of land and they make low income from farming. For them Rythu Bhima will be of great help. Moreover we demand the government to hike the compensation from Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 10 Lakh,” added Sharmila.

Sharmila is slowly learning about the schemes being implemented by the TRS government and she is exposing them, if there are loopholes and making sure they reach the public.