Megastar Chiru’s Political Statements Triggered Tsunami

Whether it was in the 2014 election when Janasena stood like a support for TDP+BJP or in the 2019 election when the Pawan Kalyan led party contested alone, Megastar Chiranjeevi never made any political comment.

He also used to say that in his family there are brothers in different political outfits and that won’t bother him. But for the first time, he has changed his rhetoric and shocked all the political observers.

By giving ₹5 crores donation to Janasena Party earlier, and now supporting the candidature of Anakapalli MP candidate CM Ramesh through a video message, Megastar has literally stirred the hornet’s nest. Ever since Megastar’s video was out, many followers of Pawan Kalyan, Janasena, Telugudesam Party and even Bharatiya Janata Party are on cloud nine.

In recent times, there is this belief that the Telugu Film Industry is not coming out open like earlier when it comes to campaigning for TDP, Janasena, YSRCP or for that matter any other party. Now that a matinee idol like Chiranjeevi has given open support to Pawan, Chandrababu and BJP, about whom he stressed in his video, even the mudslinging on him started big time.

Many political opponents haven’t criticised Chiranjeevi while attacking Pawan Kalyan, now most of them have changed their rhetoric, bringing out some old videos of the Megastar and using against him.

No doubt, Megastar’s open support is triggering a political tsunami though he might not come out open to the public to extend his support. But then, his words are enough to turn ‘political’ headlines and kickstart a mega exchange of words in the coming days.