Defeat Naidu And Its Game Over For TDP: Jagan

“The future of TDP lies with Chandrababu Naidu. If he is defeated in the next general elections, there is no future for Telugu Desam,” is the statement of AP CM and YCP chief YS Jagan in the cabinet meeting.

More than about the government’s agenda, the cabinet discussed a lot of politics and future elections. CM Jagan who dissolved the cabinet, asked his colleagues to work for the party and strengthen it further.

“In the last elections, we won 151 seats and in the next polls, the numbers should be better. If possible our target should be 160 seats. Defeating Chandrababu in Kuppam will be our primary goal and the fate of Telugu Desam hangs in the air if that happens. TDP is almost dead in Telangana and the same scene has to repeat in AP too,” commented Jagan.

On strengthening YCP, Jagan added that if TDP loses the next polls, there are high chances of the party vanishing away and YCP will be an unstoppable force in AP. But for that everyone has to work very hard and be responsible. Jagan stated that he has a plan for it and it should be implemented without any deviations.

Take the welfare schemes and other noble works of YCP government to the people and they will vote for us, said Jagan with full confidence.

Before that Jagan took part in the felicitation ceremony of volunteers and he made crucial comments addressing the volunteers. “If you all are satisfied with the YCP government, bless our party again in the next elections. But if you are unhappy, show your disappointment with votes and vote my party out of government,” said Jagan.

The above comments remind us of the late YSR. In the 2009 elections, YSR took the complete responsibility of elections and risked everything. The results came in YSR’s favour and now Jagan is doing what his father has done but it all depends on 2024. What will be people’s verdict?