No Power & Water; Roads Are Horrible In AP: KTR

Telangana IT minister KTR made cryptic comments on AP thereby taking an unintended swipe at the YCP government. KTR participated in 11th edition of Credai Property show and speaking on the occasion, he added that Hyderabad is the best city currently in India.

“One of my friends from the neighbouring state had been to his native place for the Sankranthi festival. He owns farm lands there and he spent nearly four days there. After his holiday, he returned to the city and he called me up. He said, there was no electricity and water at his place while roads are horrible,” said KTR. However nowhere he mentioned AP in his statement.

KTR’s friend suggested the minister to send opposition leaders to AP and see the grave situation and compare with Telangana and they would get to know the work being done by the Telangana government.

The IT minister also reacted to the media reports which claimed that the real estate sector in Hyderabad collapsed. “I did notice a couple of reports recently that the construction and housing sectors are badly hit. I don’t know from where these reports surface because data tells me otherwise. Hyderabad has been the best performing residential market in 2021 with growth in sales by 142 percent,”said KTR.

Nevertheless KTR’s comments on AP are all over the headlines and we have to see how the YCP government reacts.