Brokers Cashing In On Corona?

With the surge of Covid cases across the country, the patients and their kin and kith are deeply worried over the treatment. While government hospitals have their own constraints, a large number of Covid patients are looking at private hospitals for better treatment and facilities.

As several private hospitals and multi-speciality hospitals are saying ‘no beds’, Covid patients and their family members, relatives are forced to use their high-level influence to get beds at private hospitals.

It’s learnt that the local politicians and some brokers have a strong nexus with some of the private hospitals. So, only when any patient comes through the concerned politician, the said hospitals are admitting the patients and thus providing beds to them.

And these guys are not doing any service or not doing any help. It’s said to be a monetary deal. They are said to be charging huge sums from the family members of Covid patients stating that this is towards the bed blocking charges for the hospital.

Whereas, the said amount also involves the agency commission of the politician. According to some media reports, they are said to be charging about Rs 50,000 as their commission for allocation of beds to Covid patients.

The hospitals are also admitting patients only when they come through these leaders. This kinda new business by some greedy leaders is pushing the Covid patients into financial troubles. As many can’t afford such additional costs, they are dropping in between.

While a few Covid patients in emergency situations have no option but to be admitted in private hospitals and need beds, so they are taking private loans and buying these essential services via local leaders.

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