Viral Video: Jaganu.. Meeru Thodudongale..

Despite no support from the BJP government in New Delhi, AP BJP is making tall claims. Especially its chief Somu Veerraju is making big promises that include the capital city. On Friday BJP kicked off its ‘Manam – Mana Amaravati’ staged by Guntur BJP chief Patibandla Ramakrishna.

BJP planned to do Paadayatra in all the villages that fall in the capital city region and Somu Veerraju flagged off this tour. He also took part in the Paadayatra and he faced an awkward situation while he tried to interact with the public.

Seeing a couple of old men, Somu Veerraju reached out to them and asked for their support. Shockingly, one old man said, you (Somu Veerraju) and Jagan are thieves. “Vaadu (referring to Jagan)… Meeru (Somu) Thodudongalai.. Ee Rashtranni Itla Chesaru,” said the oldie who is yet to be identified.

Stunned by the old man’s criticism, Somu tried to blame Chandrababu Naidu for the chaos on the capital city row. “You did not question the person who ruled the state for five years,” replied Somu to the oldie.

This video of the old man criticizing Jagan and Somu Veerraju has gone viral and people are appreciating him for talking boldly. Yet BJP moved ahead with its planned Paadayatra.