TS Governor: KCR Govt Did Not Handle Covid-19 Efficiently

There was a huge criticism of the Telangana government in the manner it handled the Covid-19. From oppositions to public, there was an outrage and then the Telangana High Court rectified the state government’s errors.

Now even the Telangana Governor too expressed her discontent with the KCR government. In an interview with national media, Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan made some serious comments. “The state government did not handle the Covid-19 appropriately and they failed to estimate it’s impact. Regarding the testing, I have written about five to six letters to the government warning of the consequences. But the government was ignorant and did not react to my letters,” said Tamilisai.

On government run hospitals, the Governor was critical of the TRS sarkar. “Probably the Telangana government opined that the Covid-19 treatment is a financial pressure on them and so the government hospitals did not have adequate facilities. That’s why the positive tested people are going to private hospitals instead of government ones,” added Tamilisai.

This is for the first time that Governor Tamilisai opened up against TRS and KCR government. Her comments reveal that she was completely disappointed and upset with the state government.