Naidu’s Masterplan To Take Revenge On Old Enemy?

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu seems to be planning to give a ‘Return Gift’ to his old enemy KCR. Naidu suddenly activated the Telangana TDP, the party that was almost reduced to zero earlier and its entire leaders, cadre shifted their loyalties to TRS or Congress.

It is strongly buzzed in political circles that BJP is behind this move of T-TDP in Telangana. BJP wants to challenge KCR in Telangana. It sees an opportunity in Telangana. For this, BJP wants to take support from anyone in the state. It is buzzed that BJP wants T-TDP to strengthen and divide some votes of TRS. By this, BJP wants to improve its winning chances.

Going into details, KCR turned TRS into BRS and is focusing on national politics by taking on PM Modi. BJP sees there is a chance for T-TDP to get their voters back from TRS and reduce the TRS vote percentage in the multi-party clash. 

Earlier, Chandrababu was forced to move his base to Andhra Pradesh after unraveling 2015’s cash-for-vote scam. Naidu again came back and gave a call to defeat KCR in 2018 but the move had backfired. Whereas KCR supported Jagan and thus TDP lost its power in 2019. Naidu hadn’t forgotten this bitter past. In fact, KCR took away the cadres of the Telangana TDP. In fact, several top leaders in TRS were from TDP including some of the cabinet colleagues of KCR today.

Now, Naidu wants to indirectly support BJP in Telangana to take on KCR and thus wants to give a proper ‘Return Gift’. Unlike 2018, the anti-incumbency for KCR is more today. Also, KCR set his focus on national politics, KTR likely to steer the party locally, both BJP and TDP sees a huge advantage to corner KCR.

This will be a double win for Naidu. Since anyways he had lost his hopes on Telangana. By supporting BJP, he could get full support from Modi and Amit Shah at the Centre as well as in Andhra Pradesh in taking on Naidu’s arch rival YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Naidu wants to win AP in 2024 by hook or crook with the support of Pawan Kalyan and BJP. Naidu has been vocally stating that this would be his last general election due to age-related issues. So, he doesn’t want to take any chances this time around. By helping the Saffron party in gaining muscle in Telangana, Naidu wants to return to power in AP by cornering Jagan. This is a masterstroke from Naidu to both Jagan and KCR.