Pawan’s Vaarahi Steps Into Andhra Pradesh

After Kondagattu, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan’s campaign vehicle Vaarahi has entered Andhra Pradesh. This morning Pawan and Vaarahi reached Vijayawada and straightly headed to Indrakiladri.

The temple authorities of Indrakiladri welcomed Pawan Kalyan who was accompanied by Jana Sena Political Affairs Committee (PAC) chairman Nadella Manohar. Pawan offered special prayers for Goddess Kanaka Durga by presenting a saree and other valuable gifts and later he performed a special vahana (vehicle) pooja for his Vaarahi. The vedic priests of the temple blessed Pawan Kalyan after the pooja performalities.

“From today, Vaarahi’s goal is to end the disastrous rule of the YCP government. Andhra Pradesh state should progress and prosper in development and welfare,” stated Pawan Kalyan. With an aim at the 2024 elections, Pawan will commence campaigning in Vaarahi across the state.

Before that the AP police made unprecedented arrangements at Indrakiladri. Around 500 police personnel were deployed and predicted heavy flow of Pawan Kalyan fans and Jana Sena supporters.