Did Kanna Complain against Somu Veerraju?

In an unexpected development former AP BJP chief Kanna Lakshmi Narayana met BJP national leader Siva Prakash. This meeting of Kanna with a national BJP leader gained significance amidst Kanna staying away from the national executive committee meetings in New Delhi and state level coordination meetings in Bhimavaram.

The meeting of Kanna and Siva Prakash lasted for nearly 90 minutes and from media reports we hear that Kanna complained against current AP BJP chief Somu Veerraju. But after this meeting Kanna spoke to the media and denied complaining against Somu to Siva Prakash.

“I have made it clear that I’m not joining Jana Sena yet the media continues to baseless reports against me,” said Kanna when asked about quitting BJP. “Nadella Manohar is my good friend and is it a crime to meet my friend?” questioned Kanna.

Indirectly targeting Somu, Kanna added that there are leaders who have sold their assets and are working for the party but they are not getting the due recognition from the party. “I have discussed party internal matters with Siva Prakash but many leaders are quitting the party which is not a good sign,” stated Kanna.

Things have not been good in AP BJP for a long time. Though the BJP high command tried to sort out the differences between the leaders, the attempts were in vain.