Coming Next Is Tsunami: Chandrababu

chandrababu naidu

TDP chief and Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu avered that what everyone witnessed in the MLC polls was a normal wind. He predicted that a “Tsunami” is coming in the next general elections indicating that TDP is going to sweep the polls. He is confident that the TDP is going to come back to power by wiping out the ruling YSRCP.

Responding to the manhandling of ruling YSRCP MLAs on opposition TDP MLAs, Chandrababu Naidu accused YCP of making counter-allegations on TDP MLAs and doing dramas like “Kodi Kathi” and “Goddali Vetu”. Naidu said TDP Whip Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy and 75-year-old senior MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary were physically attacked and manhandled by ruling YCP MLAs. Naidu said a “psycho” is creating hundreds of “psychos”. He said the people have given a call to give send-off to such politicians which is evident with the results of Graduate MLC polls.

Chandrababu said AP government is trying to muzzle the voices of opposition and the people by bringing GO No.1. Naidu said TDP continues to fight against this GO. He said YSRCP MLAs attacked TDP MLAs for fighting against the GO. He said the strength in Assembly doesn’t mean to manhandle the minority MLAs of opposition. Naidu asked the ruling MLAS to mend their ways.

Naidu said he is so sad to see his party MLA Swamy beaten up by ruling YSRCP MLAs. He said TDP doesn’t fear such tactics and said the party would fight back bravely. Chandrababu recalled the historical events of AP Legislative Assembly and said never in the history such ghastly and physical attacks on opposition MLAs took place by the fellow MLAs.

Chandrababu said, “Even when NTR went for floor test in 1984 or when State Bifurcation Bill tabled in Assembly or when Paritala Ravi was brutally murdered the Assembly discussed it for 16 days or Yellampally irrigation project which was discussed for 19 days, the Assembly had only discussed the topics. The Assembly witnessed many floor tests. But never in the history, we had seen physical attacks on MLAs like this.” Naidu said the onus lies on the people of the state to outthrow such a government.