BJP – Janasena, No More Friends?

Post the 2019 general elections, Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena broke ties with Communist parties and BSP to form an alliance with the BJP. Yet they hardly acted like political partners and now their alliance appears to be a namesake thing and the days are nearing that they might part ways.

While being with the BJP, Pawan Kalyan clarified that he is open to reuniting with Telugu Desam. This statement seriously upset the AP BJP leaders but none could not react to it. Finally BJP leader Madhav who recently lost the MLC elections, opened up and slammed Jana Sena chief.

Madhav doubted whether the two parties were actually allies. He said that Pawan did not help the BJP in any election and also did not cooperate in the recently concluded MLC elections despite repeated requests. Apparently Madhav’s statement is the general opinion of many AP BJP leaders who are hesitant to speak out.

These developments suggest that Jana Sena might break ties with BJP and forge an alliance with the TDP. And AP BJP has realized that their bond with Jana Sena might not last long but doesn’t want to end the alliance as it wants Pawan Kalyan to announce the separation. Accordingly Madhav has slammed Pawan Kalyan because he did mention a word about the BJP in the Uttarandhra Graduate MLC elections. Pawan only appealed to graduates to not vote for the YCP.

What’s surprising is that no Jana Sena leader has condemned Madhav’s comments on Pawan. Incidentally, BJP benefits with the Jana Sena alliance whereas Jana Sena will lose credibility if it is still with the BJP primarily because of the Special Category Status promise that was snubbed time and again.

It’s just a matter of time that the BJP and Jana Sena end their uncertain friendship and move on in their individual pursuit.