Chowdary Expecting 16 YCP MLAs To Vote TDP?

The MLA quota MLC elections in Andhra Pradesh have ignited the political heat in the state. With TDP rebels, the YCP’s total tally in Assembly went up to 156 and with the same confidence CM Jagan announced seven names for the seven MLC seats. Having won the Graduate MLC polls, TDP wants to display its stamina to the YCP.

In this background, it is being debated whether TDP can stop defecting MLAs from voting for YCP and can the ruling party get the support of MLAs who are being mistreated? TDP MLAs Nimmala Ramanaidu and Butchaiah Chaudhary claimed that 16 YCP MLAs will vote for them and this statement has raked up politica storm in AP.

The YCP leadership, which denied that there is no rebellion within the party, is now taking measures to not lose MLAs. The YCP spoke to disgruntled MLAs and pacified them and is confident that all the MLAs will vote for the party’s candidates.

Nevertheless the statements of TDP MLAs brought unrest in the YCP camp. TDP polling agent Nimmala Ramanaidu said that Telugu Desam will create history in MLA quota MLC election as well and 16 MLAs who are unhappy in YCP said that they are in touch with TDP leadership.

The TDP leaders are saying that after the graduation election, the YCP leaders have understood the mind of the people in the state.. and that is why they are supporting the TDP. Some YCP MLAs are saying that they will cast their vote for TDP as there is no possibility of knowing who voted for whom in secret voting. TDP politburo member Gorantla Butchaiah Chaudhary commented that defections have started from YCP and CM Jagan is feeling the change in political mood of the state.

“MLAs upset with CM Jagan have talked to us and we are confident that they will vote for our candidate Anuradha and ensure TDP’s victory,” added Chowdary.

The polling for MLC elections will conclude at 4 PM and in this gap, we can see many twists and turns that could affect both the parties.